Ripple Effect


The Ripple Effect is a term used to describe a situation where, like the ever-expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally. Wikipedia

Basho –See a splash, hear a sound, see the water ripple.


Feelings of loss are very personal, and only you know what is significant to you. People commonly associate certain losses with strong feelings of grief. These can include:
Loss of a close friend
Death of a partner
Death of a classmate or colleague
Serious illness of a loved one
Relationship breakup
Death of a family member
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Subtle or less obvious losses can also cause strong feelings of grief, even though those around you may not know the extent of your feelings. This is referred to as Disenfranchised Grief. Doka, K. J. (2002). Disenfranchised Grief: New Directions, Challenges and Strategies for Practice. Champaign, IL: Research Press.

Spirituality relates to our souls. It involves the deep inner essence of who we are. It is openness to the possibility that the soul within each of us is related to the Soul of all this is. Spirituality is what happens to us that is so memorable we cannot forget it, and yet we find it difficult to talk about because words fail to describe it. Spirituality is the act of look for meaning in the deepest sense, and looking for it in a way that is authentically yours. (Quote by William Miller, 1994).

Examples of Disenfranchised Grief:

Leaving home
Illness/loss of health
Death of a pet
Change of job
Move to a new home
Graduation from school
Loss of a physical ability
Loss of financial security
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